NEW Virtual or Hybrid Survey

Please complete this important SURVEY (linked) by September 24, 2020. This NEW survey will provide the most recent data in regards to each student's commitment to either a hybrid or virtual learning experience. During this implementation, parents will have the opportunity to choose if their child will participate in-person, or if you would prefer to choose all virtual learning. This survey will be considered your commitment to an instructional option for your child which is anticipated to begin on October 26th. Changes in commitment during the school year (opting in and out) will ONLY occur as follows: 

  • OPTION #1 (Hybrid) to Option #2 (Virtual) will require a written notice to the Principal.
  • OPTION #2 (Virtual) to Option #1 (Hybrid) can ONLY occur at the conclusion of a marking period/trimester with minimally 2 WEEKS written notice to the Principal.

NOTE: A survey must be completed for EVERY school-aged child in your household. (For example: Four children would equal four surveys). Additionally, for students attending in-person learning for Pre-School or Special Education Programming parents do NOT need to complete this form for that child as they will continue with their current in-person programming.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this important survey so that we can best plan to meet the needs of your child as well as our school community.

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Slaybaugh Students Learning About The Community
Students in Ms. Milstead's Pre-K class, are learning about community helpers. Some students shared what they want to be when they grow up.
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Yoga at Slaybaugh
Ms. Vezinho's gym class has been getting a lot of yoga practice and learning all about healthy habits.
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Earth Day - Mrs. McCreesh's Class
Mrs. McCreesh's class expanded their knowledge of Earth Day by making posters of items that can be recycled. Students hung their posters near their recycling bins as a reminder to help the Earth every day!
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Earth Day - Mrs. Efstatos' Class
Mrs. Efstatos' class created Recycled Art projects and Up-cycled projects.
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