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Slaybaugh Anti-Bullying Specialist
Kasey Iannello
Guidance Counselor
609-927-8222 x1120
[email protected]
11 Swift Dr., EHT NJ 08234

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Mr. George West
Assistant Superintendent
(609) 646-7911 x1003
[email protected]
13 Swift Drive, EHT NJ 08234

HIB Policy

District Building Links
 Alder Middle School
609-383-3366 x1408
Davenport School Complex
609-645-3550 x1309
Bargaintown Preschool
609-732-8173 x103

Eagle Academy
Early Childhood Program
609-927-8222 x1201
Egg Harbor Township High School
609-653-0100 x1601
Fernwood Middle School 
609-383-3355 x1501
Miller School
609-407-2500 x2301
Swift-Slaybaugh School Complex
609-927-8222 x1201